Success Stories

The customer testimonial, editorial and/or video, is a very effective and essential communication vector for the image of Smile.

To supervise its production, the following process must be followed and respected, in order to secure organization and broadcast rights. Your client is ready for a business case? Good! :)

Let's find below :

  • The communication process and agreements

  • Our client's Business Cases

Process & communication agreements

Let's develop the block below (process) and use the correct communication agreements.

  1. After Go-live (later is possible too): feedback of information by the account manager, or any person with overall project knowledge and customer relationship on the completion of a testimonial. 2 situations:

      • The testimony was provided and negotiated in the contract.

      • The testimony has not been negotiated, or it is an existing client.

  2. Make sure that the client is interested and ready in a win-win mode.

  3. According to project and client: validate the opportunity together with the Marketing Dept to make a video testimony in addition to the editorial testimony (ability to speak in front of camera, and authorization of the client’s brand and the communication service). The editorial version will always be integrated into the process.

  4. Get the agreement document signed (through the Marketing or Sales Depts) which will govern the context of use, image, and the media outreach.

  5. Connecting our journalist wit the client to be interviewed (by Sales or Marketing, at your convenience).

  6. Brief between our journalist and Smile's account manager about the client’s project for a deep understanding:

      • Origins

      • Main points of the customer specifications / expected results

      • Execution: brakes? questioned?...

      • Smile support: upstream phases of the project, development, follow-on, etc.

      • Post-prod returns: satisfaction and results? (data oriented)

  7. Client’s interview

  8. Testimony writing

  9. Review by account manager; corrections if necessary

  10. Review by the client and agreement

  11. Digital Release (Press, Website, Blog, Social Media, etc.)


Logo / B Case / Verbatim



Photo / Video



Logo / B Case / Verbatim



Photo / Video




Smart devices - In record time from new e-commerce platform to record revenue! 50Five's Expansion Across Europe - success story of a pure player in smart devices.

Maurice Lacroix

Watchmaking - A digital campaign enabling participants to play a life-size game via digital channels. The objective was to give visibility to Maurice Lacroix’s brand and products, including the limited-edition AIKON Venturer. A project by Virtua.

Nobel Biocare

The project consisted of a B2B e-commerce website with an M1 to M2 migration, by Virtua. The objective: set up a unique platform for all Nobel Biocare & Danaher's brands. It aims to reduce the management & production costs and give a fast time-to-market.

Vinci Immobilier

Showcase site - Vinci Immobilier chose Smile to redesign its showcase site with Drupal & React.

Business Apps


Union - Application now used by more than 1000 users and aims to reach 3000 users.


Cinema - Solution for sales management and customer relationship management, including website for UGC's B2B activity.




Steel Electronics

Spatial - Open source developement for testing in the spatial industry with Robotframework for automated tests.


Rental - NewLOC chose Open Source in order to improve its rental park's management thanks to the setup of more than 2000 connected boxes. Watch the video here!