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Project Warhol: The Ultimate Edge Computing AI Prototype for Cooking & Wine Pairing

Link to the video here

Welcome to the future of grocery shopping with Project Warhol! In this video, we unveil our latest prototype that combines computer vision, voice control, and AI to revolutionize your shopping experience. Project Warhol is designed for edge computing, which means everything runs on the device itself without the need for an internet connection.

​Simply drop your ingredients onto a plate (eggs, vegetables, seafood, and more), and watch as Project Warhol instantly recognizes them, offering you a variety of delectable recipes tailored to your available ingredients. But that's not all – it also suggests the perfect wine pairing to elevate your meal to the next level.

​Interact with Project Warhol using voice commands or the built-in touchscreen, making it the ideal in-store companion even in the noisiest environments. Though not yet a product for the end-user, our tech showcase at the upcoming tech fair demonstrates the incredible potential of edge computing and AI in everyday life.

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The DevOps CoP is working with people from Drupal, eCommerce (and soon Symfony) to provide (or improve existing) Docker local dev environnement and CI/CD to internal Kubernetes Rancher. More details were sent in Lastet Tech News . The goal is to modernize and capitalize on dev tools.

Text to X generation algorithms

A very busy month for content generation algorithms and other AI assistants.

They can be grouped in 2 categories: open source and proprietary. For open source, the latest academic iterations in video (!) and apartment (!!) generation from text; for proprietary, a plethora of AI solutions to assist you in your production workflow.

Bard is a variant of ChatGPT, connected, that is linked to Google services. 

Microsoft's product comes in two versions, one for Office and one for Github.

Firefly proposes to complete your images or to generate new ones.

And for math lovers, Maths to Code !