Modern Apps

By Guillaume Lanthier

It has been several months since we launched the Modern Apps initiative and have been fortunate to have our first customers!

But what is Modern Apps, you might ask?

This is a new development paradigm that aims to exploit the power of the cloud through appropriate architectures (micro-services, headless, API-first) to simplify the operational model (serverless).

But there's nothing like a few concrete illustrations to get the point across! 😌

  • In react on Azure, by Alain Rouen, Tony Cabaye and the Benelux teams:

    • Grant Thorthon (consulting company - 200k), serverless client portal for aggregating data from information systems.

  • In react/next on Azure, by the teams of Florent Moignard :

    • Trigano (motorhome manufacturer - 350k), motorhome configurator for dealership.

    • Suez (waste management - 500k), white label citizen portal, fully serverless project.

  • In Python on GCP, by Philippe Coudrin's team:

    • RCI Bank (Renault group bank - 400k), implementation of a data platform for the group's dealership.

Your keen eye will notice that all these projects are very different but are based on the cloud; they are called cloud-native architectures. The boundaries between application, configuration and infrastructure are blurred to fully embrace DevOps principles.

If you are interested in the subject, I invite you to contact Jamel Ben Amar ( ) who is the COP leader for Modern Apps, or myself for all business subjects.

White book Modern APPS

Finally, there is also a brand new white paper that approaches the topic from a didactic angle. Enjoy your reading! 😉