Happy At Work

Groupe Smile in sixth place in the HappyIndex®AtWork World ranking for companies with more than 1,000 employees

Every year, Smile undertakes to take into account how its employees feel at work by carrying out the ChooseMyCompany® HappyAtWork survey. In 2021, the label had already been obtained, but it only concerned France. The following year, the survey was expanded to include Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Thanks to the large responses' numbers, the countries concerned were awarded an overall score of 4.01/5.

In 2023, we decided to significantly increase the scope of respondents, by extending the survey to all Group countries and subsidiaries.

The HappyIndex®AtWork label was thus obtained this year at global, European and country levels. The overall score awarded to Smile Group in 2023 is 4.07/5, with a participation rate of 65.8%, and a recommendation rate of 68.2%. The results are listed and presented on our public page. This year, Smile Group ranks sixth in the HappyIndex®AtWork World ranking for its employee category (over 1,000).

Responding to this survey is vital for employees: the higher the participation rate, the more meaningful the answers. The 2023 survey report thus enabled us to highlight the Group's strengths and weaknesses in the employees' eyes. Points for improvement and areas for progress will be carefully studied. Because employees' opinions count, a corresponding action plan over several years will be drawn up with a view to remedying them.