By Romain Leuleu

We have taken advantage of these last months to propose new tools for projects, but also to better document them and structure our development methods. You will find below the most important points, with links if you want to learn more.

So what's new?

  • From now on, each project will have to go through a technical review during the design phase and before the first line of code. The review is focused on the technological and architectural choices in order to evaluate their adequacy with the customer's needs. Budgetary, planning and team building aspects are also analyzed to ensure that all conditions are met to obtain a successful project.

Everything is detailed in this article.

  • The Magento2 skeleton/boilerplate has been revamped by the E-commerce CoP. Now based on a Docker stack, it allows to start efficiently Magento2 projects and facilitates the implementation of quality control tools and automated tests. It is a great effort, thanks to all the contributors of the CoP.

Important point: its use is mandatory on Magento2 projects.

  • The forge continues to grow and allows us to centrally manage the services associated with Smile projects. Everything is detailed here.

Currently available services :

    • Redmine Projects

    • Repositories GitLab

    • Continuous integration Jenkins & Gitlab CI

    • containers / VMs, now up to 5 per project and on all common Linux distributions

    • Kubernetes cluster managed with Rancher

    • Repositories Nexus for your Maven, Node Python and much more packages.

    • Repositories Harbor for your Docker images

  • A series of articles on best practices and starting projects in different technologies: Drupal, Frontend, Java, Magento, Odoo.

  • But also "cross techno" articles about capitalization, devops tools, continuous integration (CI) implementation, and much more. The wiki has been revamped for more than 6 months and it is with pleasure that we observe more and more contributions. A hundred articles up to date, dozens of edits/additions every day, it's a great showcase of the sharing spirit that has made Smile since its beginnings. Thanks to all of you!

There is still a lot to discover! I invite you to watch your mailboxes because the next Tech News should be here soon, and to join the DirTech channel of Mattermost for the daily tech' exchanges.😉