Since the integration of UX-Republic into the Smile Group almost 2 years ago, many successes have already been achieved. 

It's only natural that the digital specialist teams have rapidly multiplied the synergies. First, we provided services on a contract basis to LVMH, and then to Constructa, for example, on projects involving commitments. Then by combining our expertise at BPCE Lease, Petit Bateau and the Jardin d'Acclimatation with an offer at the frontier of our know-how, the SXO. Finally, we have worked to promote the brand abroad, first in Switzerland with Swatch for example, then in Belgium and recently in Luxembourg.

When we saw the extent of our customers' success and the shared benefits, we logically decided to move towards a more structured approach. Under the same banner, that of UX-Republic, we have created a multidisciplinary and multi-geographic team that deploys our expertise in all the execution modes expected by our clients: management, engagement, and service centers.

Our ambition with this merger is to become an even more essential player capable of 360° supporting our clients, by creating even more effective experiences. 

We are working on the complementarity of our businesses by creating complete digital journeys from search engines, social networks or emailings (by activating webmarketing levers such as SEO /SXO, SEA, SMO, SMA, etc.), to our customers' digital interfaces. To do this, we address the right content (UX writing, content production), at the right time and to the right person (with marketing automation). We monitor the performance of these experiences through web analytics, UX analytics and CRO analysis. 

We intervene at every stage of our clients' projects, from the study of the opportunity in scoping, through the design in build, to the implementation, testing and monitoring, in run, of tomorrow's experiences for our clients and prospects. 

We are becoming our clients' premium partner in these areas, complementing Smile's already highly recognized technical expertise.

Today, we are a large group of 130 experts divided between Design, Web Analysis, and Strategy expertise, in several geographical areas: Île-de-France, Bordeaux, Lyon, and Lille in the future. We have international UX-Republic relays in Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. We are at the beginning of a new adventure in which we must be and will be all actors!