Alcide's Interview

Alcides PINTO 

"I first met Smile, almost 10 years ago, as a major competitor": interview with Alcides PINTO, Sales Director IDF.

 January 11th 2024, by Rayene Imane Chikhi 

Rayene : Can you introduce yourself ?

Alcides : I am 47 years old, with two daughters aged 13 and 18. Driven by a learning mindset, I continually challenge myself in acquiring new skills, leading me to obtain my motorcycle and boating licenses in recent years. 

Professionally, I come from a dual scientific and business background, choosing to develop my skills at the intersection of these two worlds. I quickly took on intrapreneurial roles as a profit center manager.

Rayene : Could you share a few words about your professional journey ?

Alcides : I am a pure product of consulting and digital services! I've had the opportunity to address challenges in various sectors, from Financial Services to Industry and Telecommunications. 

I notably worked as a project director on management consulting projects within a major French bank. 

Beyond my operational experience, I've been managing commercial, delivery, and recruitment teams for over 15 years. In terms of technologies, for the past 7 years, I've specialized in issues related to data, digital, and cloud, which are at the core of our clients' transformation projects.

Rayene :  How did you come to join Smile?

Alcides : My main drivers are values and people, so Smile was an obvious choice! 

I first met Smile, almost 10 years ago, as a major competitor. The group's value proposition was already widely recognized in the market. When Ludovic Perdrijat presented the group's dynamics in recent years and Smile's ambition, I wanted to join this exciting adventure and contribute to the success of this project.

Rayene : What are your main responsibilities?

Alcides : : I am responsible for the sales team in the IDF region. 

In this role, my mission is to energize and drive this team to achieve the best sales performance. 

This involves various aspects such as implementing an efficient sales strategy, upskilling teams on the group's offerings and engagement models, and training key representatives.

Rayene : What are the challenges of your position?

Alcides : The main challenge is to create a committed and bold collective! This is a necessary condition for achieving our ambitions, although it is far from sufficient. 

Our ability to choose our battles by structuring our approach and prioritizing our actions is a catalyst for our long-term success. 

Finding the right balance between opportunistic quick wins and the development of lasting partnerships will be a real challenge. 

Finally, accelerating the sale of all Group offerings to all our clients, the famous cross-selling, will undoubtedly be a key to success! 

For all this, we need to create strong synergies with all functions of the company, entities, and especially our colleagues who deliver quality missions for our clients every day!