Smile Group sponsors a second beehive!

According to beekeeping experts at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, a third of the world's food production depends on bees. Today, they are threatened by global warming, air pollution and pesticides, and the year 2022 saw record losses, according to an ESA survey.

Sponsoring beehives is a way of actively supporting biodiversity and the environment! Already sponsoring a beehive since 2022, Smile Group has decided to confirm its involvement by sponsoring a second beehive in 2023.

2 sponsored hives means 100,000 bees protected.

We are delighted to be associated with Les Ruchers de Mathieu

Mathieu Domecq has been a beekeeper since the age of 12. He founded Les Ruchers de Mathieu in 2015, at the age of 14, becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs in France. With the two watchwords of know-how and respect for bees, he cares for his hives based in the Tarn region (81) with great expertise (sales of bee products, beekeeping equipment...). His work has already saved over 2 million bees, with more than 50 hives sponsored! 

The protection of the two hives gives our Group access once a year to products made directly by our bees, such as jars of honey bearing the Smile name, as well as sweets and soaps made from the harvested honey.

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Several months ago, Smile Group launched its new internal training platform, Strong Mind. It was designed to train you and support you in your skills development. Today, the focus is on Digital Responsibility, but you will soon discover other internal certifications that will enrich our platform.

Smile Group now has nearly 842 certified employees, and we don't intend to stop there, as the goal is to reach 1,000 certified employees by the end of the year. WE'RE ALMOST THERE 💪

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