SYNOTIS support for Helpcode

Synotis was cited in the 2022 annual report of HelpCode, a children's rights organization.

Helpcode is a non-profit organization from Italy, founded in 1988. It focuses on children's rights, including education, health and protection. The organization works in developing countries around the world to improve the living conditions of children and their communities in emergency situations.

Numerous companies are partners of this association, helping it to carry out these valuable challenges for sustainable development and the future of our planet.

Helpcode's involvement fits in with companies' CSR strategies, respecting ESG criteria (environment, social, governance), thanks to the Give back to community formula, whose aim is to restore to the community part of the profits generated by companies, through their active participation in the common good.

Since 2021, Synotis has been directly involved in helping Helpcode. Through the principle of match giving, Synotis offers its employees the opportunity to make a monthly donation to the association, and commits to doubling its value

Synotis' active commitment to Helpcode has enabled 1,538 pupils at the Bun Rany school in Cambodia to benefit from hygiene services and school supplies.