Brand guidelines

Here are the guidelines related to the brand.  Please, follow the rules to insure our identity.

SMILE's Graphic Charter

The official graphic charter shows how you must use our logos, colors and so on.

This internal document explains and shows our brand guidelines through exemples, and helps you understand what you can do and don't do.

2020_Graphic Chart Smile_EN


2020_Charte graphique Smile


Google slide Template


Here is the right template you need to use to create your presentations.

In it, you will find many pre-loaded masks with the right colors and fonts.

You can also find it directly in Google Slide by opening a new document in the model library (both available in FR en EN versions).

SMILE's presentation 

Actual Smile presentation is now integrated to the template for a simplified use :)


You will find here all the best practices to create a Smile content: content types, content structuring, talking with the Smile! 


SMILE's ton of voice


Social media are very important to connect with your contacts, clients and partners.

We hardly recommand you to have a daily use of LinkedIn, and also twitter if you feel at ease with it.

This paper explains how we recommand you to talk when you speak on social networks.


For any question, or doubt, please feel free to contact the marketing team: