SDG Flag Day

To mark European Sustainable Development Week, Smile Group is proud to take part in this United Nations initiative, which celebrates the Sustainable Development Goals.

September 25 represents a significant day: the anniversary of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On this special occasion, the Smile Group is proud to announce its participation in SDG Flag Day, as part of its United Nations Global Compact's membership. 

SDG Flag Day is a global initiative designed to amplify everyone's commitment to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The aim is to bring together as many organizations as possible across the globe, to raise public awareness of the importance of the Agenda 2030.

As a participant in this campaign, Smile Group will proudly hoist the flag of the 17 SDGs on September 25, 2023. This initiative is not just a flag-raising occasion, but also an opportunity to reaffirm the Group's commitment to ambitious and concrete action on the subject of sustainable development

First initiated in the Netherlands in 2020, SDG Flag Day now sees thousands of flags being raised around the world. The Smile Group is delighted to be part of this collective adventure. The day is a high point for raising awareness of and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.